Team: TBA

Unique: #46 – El Sol: These Uniques have limitless potential. Most Sols begin at B-tier and they all have the potential to reach S∞-tier. El Sol grows in power by absorbing souls, though Unique Souls grant the greatest boost. Souls they absorb are not consumed and may be freed at the whim of El Sol. They also have the ability to generate a warm aura of trust that leaves people in a suggestive state. El Sol at A-tier and above may learn to use Estrella’s Sight. El Sol at S-tier and above may learn to give temporary boons to Zeros.

Name: Molly

Login phrase: Shine Bright!

AlterNet Character: Molly

Race: Mermaid – [Sharkskin] – 40MP [Active, Armor, Nature] – Character may grow jagged Sharkskin armor that absorbs Moderate damage and reflects Minor damage.

Soul: Dragon – [Scaled Soul] – Increases innate Defense of character by a Minor amount. All Abilities, Effects, and Equipment that boost Defense grant an additional Minor bonus. Upgrades increase the bonus. Maximum tier grants the character Immunity to Fire Abilities. This includes any Support Abilities with a Fire component.

Class: Healer – [Healing Touch] – 15MP – Character may pay the MP cost to add a Targeted Minor Heal to any Ability. Upgrades increase Heal tier. Maximum Tier grants Mass Heal once per lap.

Spec: Regen – [Healing Tank] – Character chooses a single target each half. Character may only Heal the selected target throughout the half. Any overhealing done is routed to the next least damaged teammate at reduced effectiveness.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Inertia] – Moderate MP reserved – [Aura, Movement, Passive] – Character gains Minor bonus Armor for every 1 lap completed as long as they remain in forward motion. Upgrades increase bonuses. Maximum tier gains armor for every 1/3 lap completed as long as they remain in motion.

Charisma: [ ] – Grants the Caster and Target Minor Armor when casting a Healing Spell.

Dexterity:  [Soul Tap] – MoHP – [Active, Shadow] Character deals Moderate Damage to themselves and gains Minor MP.

Intelligence: [Mage’s Efficiency] – Character’s Armor becomes Magic Armor. Character gains Minor Armor each time they gain MP up to a maximum cap per lap.

Stamina: [Armor Mending] – 0MP – [Armor, Passive] – Character regains a Minor portion of Armor lost during this lap each time they gain HP. This Armor is cumulative. Upgrades increase Armor gained. Maximum tier grants Armor instead.

Strength: [Crash] – 25MP- [Active, Armor, Attack] – Character rams an Opponent dealing Damage proportional to their Armor.

Flair: Gift of Gaia – The character regenerates Moderate MP every 1/4 track. It’s a peppermint sprig. This Flair may not be Leveled Up.

Physical Description: Curly blonde hair and sea-blue eyes. Fair-skinned and average height and weight.

Family: Molly was born to Zero parents.

Background: Molly’s parents are a sailor and a mermaid. She had a peaceful childhood growing up in a seaside town. Unfortunately, she was forbidden from going to the beach until she was 14. That was the day she discovered she was a mermaid and a Unique Soul.

She began attending the Nexus Academy and questing in the AlterNet in her free time. It wasn’t long before she made other friends besides Sprocket. She made so many friends that she decided to put a team together.

Solar Rush (4-16-22)

Sunny Match (4-18-22)

Stone Sun (4-19-22)

Sunlight. Streaming. (5-07-22)

Adventure Calls (5-17-22)

First: Time Relationship (5-20-22)

Toku-high: AlterNet Class

Uniform Shopping (9-12-22)