Two nights: Misunderstood

“Two nights….” the hag said.

Her accent thick, “ dead.”

Roger nodded and formed a plan.

A day to make arrangements;

Then, his race began.

“I’ll chase the sun,” Roger thought.

“Avoid the the night and prevent

my expiration.” He felt clever.

During a pit stop, he was caught.

Soldiers armed and armored

boarded the plane. Taking over.

“Kill him,” One gave a command.

“I was wrong,” Roger murmured.

The intruders approached him.

Two knights. Weapons in hand.

Evil gets in Line

“It wasn’t a mistake,” I cried.

“It’s initiative.” I amended my defense.

“If we could get their kid on our side,

we could adjust their moral sense.”

“What did you think would happen?

Their child at a school they didn’t attend.

Did you think that would be fine?”

“Sorry,” I hung my head in resignation.

And now, here I stand at the end

of the unemployment line.


“It’s worthless, useless, and kinda gross,”

The stranger turned up his nose.

“Don’t you have a different offer?

Something that’s not such a bother?”

Craig puzzled and tilted his head.

“Something else? You mean instead?

Just name your price to heal this ailment.”

“Your offer is faulty at its core.

Cash? Money? What do I need it for?

There is no way I can accept that as payment.”

Sharp Ending

“Not me,” the towering demon grumbled

“Me neither,” the well-dressed man mumbled.

“What?” Bob asked with wide eyes.

“Then what happens? Where do I go, guys?”

They both shook their heads.

Satan spoke; his annoyance evident. 

“You already chose your soul’s road.”

Satan nodded at Bob’s clear node.

“That node cost your soul,” Satan said.

“You belong to Sharp Development.”

Dragon’s Hospitality

The dragon opened the door and entered.

The princess half-looked up; unafraid.

Her attentions somewhat splintered.

He looked at her, then nodded at the door.

“The price has been agreed; you’re free once more.”

“So soon? Please, wait. I’m not ready.”

He pulled her up but she remained limp, unsteady.

“I need to get you back so I can get paid.”

“Let me stay longer; as long as you’re able,”

She said, then added. “My father doesn’t have cable.”

Play. Playing. Played.

“Are you sure that’s all you want?”

The demon asked and tilted his head.

Jeff nodded, then said,

“That’s the talent I’d like to flaunt.”

“To be the best at playing a guitar.”

The demon shrugged. “Sure, sign here.”

He offered a red clipboard with a white form.

Jeff grabbed the pen and signed there.

“Congrats. Now playing a guitar for you is the norm.”

Jeff cheered, then called all his mates.

He planned a party to show off his new skill.

He picked up the house and cleaned the grill.

The party started and everyone gathered ’round.

“Now watch me play a guitar like one of the greats.”

*POOF* he became a guitar and fell to the ground.

Key Difference

“I just don’t understand,”

Pete whined out aloud.

His playing was bland.

Worse; it was bad and loud.

“I played perfect yesterday.”

He sat in the living room

jabbing his fingers on keys.

Face down and clouded with gloom.

He sniffled; wiped his snot on his sleeve.

“That’s the way life swings,

son,” his dad said with a smile.

“You know your gifts change each day.”

Pete shook his head in denial.

“I played perfect at church too! Today!”

“Son, pianos and organs are two different things.”

Infernal Efficiency

“Well, how would you feel?”

The demon asked. Jim shrugged.

“If you knew your tormentor well,

maybe someone you loved and hugged.”

“You’re here to punish her,

but you misunderstand the reason.

It’s not because she hates you some.”

“This gets both of you for the price of one.

Your love was as true as they come.”

“This way you torment yourself and her.”

No more Carnivores

Sean grumbled thoughtfully.

He let Susan’s words marinate.

“I had no idea.” He said. “Now it’s straight.”

“Cannibals don’t eat so healthy.”

Susan nodded with a smile.

It wasn’t the takeaway she hoped for;

but, it was still worthwhile.

He held her hand, “So you’re not a carnivore?

Cannibals are tough and hard to meet.”

“You feel tender. I think I’ll like Vegan meat.”

Satisfaction Guarantee

“That’s odd,” the demon said.

“It didn’t take. It seems averse.”

Guy smirked to himself. Then added,

“I guess we’ll skip the curse.”

“Oh well,” he shrugged. “Too bad.”

“No no. The customer comes first.

But, that was one you already had.”

“I guess there’s nothing to be done.”

Guy said. “Since I’m already cursed.”

“It’s okay,” the demon said. “I know a different one.”