Star of Hunger

Boredom and hunger

lead to strange distractions.

Eating is a helpful action

that solves boredom and hunger.

But the fridge held no rations.

Jeff opened it thrice in an hour

the emptiness made him glower.

Having nothing better to do

he decided on a homemade tattoo.

He took the sharpest of knives

to his forearm and scratched

a bloody number thirty-five.

His favorite number didn’t ease his state.

He opened to door again to search for steak.

He found a full fridge, separate from his universe, attached.

Future Soldiers


Heavy bangs on the door.

Wilbur checked the clock.

Dark outside; half-past four.

He moved to stand.

Wilbur peeked outside.

Unfamiliar armed soldiers; he was outmanned.

Unknown armored trucks; danger implied.

He wondered, “Are they from a future land?”

He opened the front door.

A soldier stood proud and svelte.

“What do you want?” Wilbur asked. “A war?”

“You wish to hear our demands?”

The soldier bowed his head and knelt.

“Sir, we await your command.”

Astronomical Ignorance

“What’s that yellow one!?”

The fish asked.

He hopped at the sun

and fell with a splash.

“Where’s it from?”

“That’s the sun that keeps us warm,”

Posie replied;

he treaded water and smiled.

“It’s a star. One in space among a swarm.”

“Our planet is one of many.

The space between their breadth

is filled with stars. Very many.

“Stars? Space? Planets widespread?”

“Sorry pal,” the trout retreated.

“I’m outta my depth.”


“Now that I’ve made my point,”

the Emperor said with a smile.

He snapped his fingers, “I’ll fix up the joint,”

The rubble reconstructed buildings while

the citizens of the world watched.

“I can wreck the planet,

or I can improve it.

I can not be stopped

while sitting at the top

My magic and dragons are unmatched.”

Worldly Experience

“I wish I were the

richest person in the

world,” said Dunn.

The genie smiled, “I understand.”

His smoke glowed, then he chanted.

The smokey giant clapped his hands.

He looked at Dunn, “Your wish is granted.”

The man whipped out his phone

to check his bank account.

He tapped and swiped, then groaned.

“It’s the same damn amount!”

The genie shrugged. His smoke curled.

He shrunk and sunk and swirled.

“You didn’t say which world.”

Corny Entertainment

“Corn?” I questioned.

“Are you serious?”

He nodded. “I should mention

why. Aren’t you curious?”

“Yeah!” I nodded.

“Don’t tell anyone I told you.

We’re ghosts,” he said.

“There’s not much else to do.”

Worldly Advice

“Young man,” the counselor said, “follow me.”

Jerry followed, his mind filled with worry.

Reprimand? Detention? Suspension?

Which punishment awaited him?

They entered a small office.

The counselor closed the door, “So,”

he sat behind a name plaque that said ‘Mundo’.

“You’re really strong and don’t know how?”

Jerry shrugged and furrowed his brow.

“The answer is simple!” Mundo said.

“You’re Unique, a special soul.

Your strength comes from within you,

but it’s much easier to control

if you get inked with the number 42.”

“Getting a tattoo is your advice?!”

Jerry asked in surprise.

“My parents would lecture me at length!”

Mundo nodded and met Jerry’s eyes.

“If you don’t control your strength,

people will end up dead.”