Picking Sides (11-22-2017)

Flash Fiction Challenge! Location: A rooftop | Object: A tin can [Link to post.]
“Holy hell, I can’t believe you fixed everything,” Chuck said. He stood on the rooftop and stared out over the bustling city. The people should have been contrite, terrified to leave their homes. Instead the streets were full of people happily going about their business. Traffic flowed like molasses, he heard sirens and horns honking in the distance. “How?” Chuck turned to face the short, rotund, blonde man. Rudy smirked.

“I could explain it, but you’re an asshole. So I’ll just say, it’s my job.” Rudy stepped toward Chuck. Chuck still faced out over the city and would not have noticed Rudy stepping forward, had he not accidentally kicked a tin can. The noise caused Chuck to whirl around.

“Stay there.” Chuck raised his hand and showed Rudy the number ‘1’ glowing red on his hand. “You’re not taking me back to Hell, I’ve got a new job.” A pitch black portal opened next to Chuck. Rudy stopped walking. A beautiful woman with a pair of ram horns growing out of her head in curls stepped out of the blank space in reality.

“Chucky! I’m so glad you decided to join me.” The woman said, she stood behind Chuck and noticed Rudy.

“A Diablito? Looks like this universe is kind of small. Hey chubby, want to join my team?”  The woman asked. She wrapped her arms around Chuck from behind, but she could not close them around his big stomach.

“Who are you?” Rudy asked. He took another step forward.
“I’m Ballisea the Demon Queen. I’ll take that as a, no. Bye.” The portal next to chuck disappeared and a black hole appeared under Ballisea and Chuck. They sank in and disappeared.