Harry Situation

Harry sat alone in his dim living room. He had the curtains open to watch the sun set on another day. The sun had already sunk beneath the horizon and the purple sky was growing darker. It had become his ritual for ending the day. He still, thankfully, had access to electricity and water; the city’s power grid hadn’t fallen apart yet but Harry knew it was only a matter of time. He enjoyed the pristine solitude of being the only person on the planet to watch the sunset.

*knock, knock* a gentle knock came from his front door, Harry was so startled he jumped out of the couch and ended up on the floor. After the initial panic, he reasoned it was probably an animal. He’d noticed the local wildlife growing braver without other humans around. He relaxed and stood from the floor, then the gentle knock came again. Slightly firmer, obviously deliberate.

I gotta find out,” Harry sighed to himself and walked to the front door. He had enough sense to use the peephole first. Pressing his eye against the door, he saw a well-dressed woman waiting patiently in the fading dusk light. She had long dark hair that was tied in a high ponytail and she wore a formal, black business suit. Harry rushed to throw the door open.

“HI!” he said. He realized he shouted and lowered his voice. “Uh, yes?” he asked. The woman smiled at him.

“My name is Susan Noble from Sharp Medical Services. According to our information you’re the last man on Earth,” she shrugged. “I’ve come to establish contact and see if there’s anything my organization can do to help you.” Harry tilted his head at her. He reached down, and grabbed a chunk of his forearm with his right hand and pinched hard.

“Ooooow,” he immediately massaged the sore spot. “I’m awake,” he shook his head. “Never heard of Sharp Medical, but I’m not really in a spot to refuse help. If I’m the last man on Earth does that mean you’re all women?” Susan shook her head.

“No, it means we’re based on another Earth. When I said ‘last man’ I meant human.”

“Oh,” Harry nodded. He had no choice but to accept everything she said. “So, what now? Can I go back to your Earth?”

“You can, or you can stay here.” Susan reached into her coat pocket to grab something.

“Why would I want to stay here?” Harry chuckled. Susan pulled a small glassy rectangle out of her coat and smiled at Harry.

“Sharp Development is taking control of this abandoned Earth. As the last rightful citizen, you have the option of being in charge.”

“In charge? What does that mean? In charge of what?” he asked. Susan lifted the glass rectangle so that it was in Harry’s line of sight. She deliberately extended a finger and touched it to the bottom of the display. She slowly pushed her finger upward sliding it along the center of the display.

As she moved her finger up Harry noticed the display was getting brighter. Then he realized it was the daylight that was getting brighter. Susan stopped her motion at the top of the display; Harry saw the sun sitting high in the sky and felt its heat beating down on him.

“Everything,” she said.