The Hugoverse

Hey folks, welcome to my writing blog. This is where I’ll collect my writings to share with the internet. Hopefully, you’ll find something here to entertain you. 

I have most of my universe planned out already, and I’m using writing prompts to fill it out while practicing my writing. A side effect of choosing a new prompt every day is that the story will hop around a lot.

  • Timeline – Lists the stories I’ve written so far in chronological order. 
  • Guidebook – A spotting book of the Unique Souls in the Hugoverse.
  • Las Luchadoras – Weekly (Saturday) adventures of Dana Sharp’s roller derby team. 
  • Dirge & Dread – Weekly(Sunday) adventures of Dirge & Dread. 
  • Underworld – Stories involving the organized criminal underworld of the Hugoverse
  • Fringes of the Hugoverse – Side stories that help explain how things work.

Daily Writing Prompts – I’m responding to the r/writingprompts subreddit every day in 2019. Here’s what I have so far.

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