Toku-High: Freshman Year

First Six Weeks: (reddit links)

[Sweet Introduction] Sept. 06: I helped out some fairies, and in thanks, they gave me a bag of candy that never runs out. I just got back from the dentist, and…. 620 words.

  • It’s the first day of Toku-high and Valentine was worried about being late. She finds an opportunity and introduces herself to Riot and Petunia.
[Love & Flutters] Sept. 07: You’re about to introduce your parents to your new girlfriend. She’s the kindest, sweetest person you’ve ever met. Not mentioning she’s also eight feet tall and can bench-press cars. 1073 words. 1693 words total.

  • Flutter meets her new girlfriend’s parents and mentions that she’s teaching derby at a new high school.
[Timey Tim] Sept. 08: You are a normal person just eating chips in your living room, then suddenly a weird thing appears in the living. 15 time travellers from 2178 come to 2021 to visit you, because in 2030 you did something historically important. 989 words. 2682 words total.

  • Tim, a member of the Chrome Court, takes a class on a field trip to explain time. Emily and Eury are in the class and they have some questions.
[Cheating: Death] Sept. 09: You are handed The Big Book of Universal Constants, a pencil, and an eraser. 843 words. 3525 words total.

  • School is officially underway and the players are making their moves. Janet helps a novice Muerte along with the intention of recruiting her to the cause.
[Masked: Truth] Sept. 10: “You know, I used to be a god once,” said your cat. 773 words. 4298 words total.

  • Dara is finishing the week with a new friend introduced by Janet. Something she’s happy about. She’s less happy about the mask that Janet makes her wear to school, despite logging in remotely.
[Chrome – Courted] Sept. 11: An asteroid almost destroyed earth but a solar flare moved it out of the way, when scientists look where the flare come from on the sun it says in every language “You’re Welcome”. 674 words. 4972 words total.

  • Minerva reports to Chroma that she told Ruin the truth about the Chrome Court. Minerva and Ruin are officially a couple now. Chroma takes a moment out of the meeting to help her image an Earth in need.
[Driftwood Draggin’] Sept. 12: An undercover agent of the Crown has infiltrated the world of piracy to catch a Corsair that has gone renegade. Contacts have assured them that they are at the infamous floating mobile pirates’ cove, Driftwood. Only pirate captains know how to find it, so capturing this intel is vital as well. 1044 words. 6016 words total.

  • Chroma is calling in her court to help keep an eye on the school. Here we meet her Mundo, Meredith.
[AlterNet Class] Sept. 13: In a world otherwise much like our own, people have special abilities not unlike video game mechanics — seeing dialogue options, special vision to locate useful items, being able to gain extra lives, and much, much more! 762 words. 6778 words total.

  • Alvin meets Quinn and Dara in a study hall for kids that don’t want to participate in roller derby.
[A Very un-Special Episode] Sept. 14: There never really is a chosen one, there are always chosen many, thousands upon thousands, each fitting into the vague language of each prophecy neatly, truthfully being a chosen one is frankly less special than winning the lottery. 912 words. 7690 words total.

  • Dara has questions about an assignment given by Duchess.
[Quest for Vengeance] Sept. 15: They shambled up to you, gun in hand. “Carry my legacy,” they say, before they pass into dust, leaving nothing but their helmet and revolver. 912 words. 8602 words total.

  • Alvin’s out for revenge, and he gets Moose to join him.
[Meaty Mystery] Sept. 16: There’s a new sandwich shop in town staffed by witches. You’re not entirely sure what’s on the sandwich you’re eating now, but it’s really good. And the delivery girl on the broom was really cute. 868 words. 9470 words total.

  • Alvin, Moose, Quinn, and Dara have lunch together.
[Great Moose Detective] Sept. 17: Caffeine has been made illegal. However, this hasn’t ended your job as a barista. Only changed the customers and delivery methods. 681 words. 10151 words total.

  • Alvin and Moose are on the case to find Abby. Their first stop? Melody. Their second stop? A coffee shop.
[Royal Regret] Sept. 18: Everyone came out of their homes, staring up at the now red sky with unease. A countdown has appeared with the text ‘god is coming… 740 words. 10891 words total.

  • Regal’s Pride hangs out waiting for Paz to show up with Oren.
[Spider. Student.] Sept. 19: You have a superpower, but you never really use it. Not for any moral or legal reason, but because you don’t like being the centre of attention. 551 words. 11442 words total.

  • Moose’s derby team meets for Sunday practice but Moose can’t make it. But, they do get a pair of unexpected visitors.
[Dungeons & Pumpkins] Sept. 20: You’re a street vendor selling cheap street food at the city gate in an RPG’s dungeon city. Your typical daily ledger: Taco, Sold, $10. Hot dog, Sold, $5. Enchanted Flaming Shortsword of Demonslaying, Bout, -$8300, and so on. 661 words. 12103 words total.

  • Riot, Petunia, Tama, and Vivi are on their way to get some dungeon practice in. The school announced a Halloween dungeon event that they want to participate in. They stop at a food stand along the way.
[Mettle Detector] Sept. 21: This battle would be a true test of mettle. 575 words. 12678 words total.

  • The Fearleaders begin planning their Halloween Haunted dungeon only to realize none of them have run a dungeon before. Then, they get some unexpected help.
[Mornin’ Swarmin’] Sept. 22: Despite a chaotic beginning, the day held promise. 667 words. 13345 words total.

  • Eury and Abby from the B-Squad start their day with some surprises. Hundreds of them.
[Riotous Reference] Sept. 23: You’re in desperate need of advice, but it comes from a person you least expect… 771 words. 14,116 words total.

  • Riot was elected captain of her team; but, they don’t have a name yet. Not until Riot has a conversation with Dara.
[Zero Mystery] Sept. 24: You were summoned from another world to help the kingdom deal with the Dark Lord. However, instead of killing the Dark Lord, they want you to get them and their counsel to work out and sign a peace treaty. 680 words. 14796 words total.

  • Riot and Dara complete a project together, but their celebration is interrupted by Janet.
[Weather? Or Not?] Sept. 25: For the last nine months, Father Michael has been performing miracles. From healing all forms of sickness and disease, to turning the Sahara Desert into a jungle; his powers were proven to be real without the shadow of a doubt. But you knew that already, he sold his soul to your boss for them. 1042 words. 15838 words total.

  • Jane is out getting leads for Melody.
[Riotous Request] Sept. 26: Smash ‘Em Up Sunday: Brontë / McCarthy 782 words. 15578 words total.

  • Riot visits Melody to ask for a favor. She wants to use a name for her team; but, needs permission.
[Sharp Affront] Sept. 27: The protagonist is dead and only talked about. The only impact they have on the story is through actions made before death. 890 words. 16468 words total.

  • Riot tells the team what happened during the Pineapple Cup and why no one talks about it.
[Illuminating Sun] Sept. 28: Magic didn’t exist until nearly 100 years ago, when someone developed an arcane device that generated a magical field across the world, allowing people to tap into it and cast spells. It has remained hidden away ever since, but you recently discovered its location. 768 words. 17236 words total.

  • Alvin and Moose are on official B.A.A. business when Ballisea decides to drop in.
[That’s Fare] Sept. 29: You’re a taxi driver, and somehow, you can tell everything about someone just by looking at them, no one knows about your ability, and there seems to be no one like you, until one day you give a ride to a woman who tells you something about you that you haven’t told her. 944 words. 18180 words total.

  • Jane gets a few instructions from Mrs. Sharp on her way to lunch. And finds a new client along the way.
[Turbo’s Day Out] Sept. 30: You are in the street to buy some food, then a notification pops on everyone’s phone, they look at their phones, and then they look at you, you check your phone and you can see a image of you with a red text on the top: “CATCH HIM” 1024 words. 19204 words total.

  • Turbo teambuilding.
[Hand-delivered Invitation] Oct. 01: The final invitation is out, “Just 30 days until the Halloween Bash!” 366 words. 19570 words total.

  • Emily has a brief run-in with Dara and reassures her that she’s welcome at the Halloween Bash.
[Party Games] Oct. 02: Contrary to popular belief, zombies aren’t actually mindless individuals who have risen from the dead. After getting bitten, you realise you are actually still conscious and very much alive, just that you are trapped within your rotting body, unable to control it as if it has a mind of its own. 419 words. 19989 words total.

  • Janet gave Dara permission to attend the Halloween bash. She also gave Dara an idea to make it more fun. Dara doesn’t waste any time in sharing the idea with Emily.
[Handy Ability] Oct. 03: Smash ‘Em Up Suday: Day by Day Horror. 524 words. 20513 words total.

  • Dara spent the night at Emily’s for a slumber party. She had fun and doesn’t come home empty-handed.
[Future History] Oct. 04: You come across a startlingly thin world history textbook from what appears to be a century into the future. What’s inside? 773 words. 21286 words total.

  • Dara misplaces one of her assignments but finds it again with little trouble.
[Searching Sun] Oct. 05: “In Death, we all are made humble. In Death, we all are made Equal.” 601 words. 21887 words total.

  • Brief discussion in Chroma’s office about the state of the afterlife.
[First-day Flutters] Oct. 06: A day at the mythological creature vet. 745 words. 22632 words total.

  • Vivi earned an intern spot at a mythological vet. She meets a dragon on her first day.
[Emerging View] Oct. 07: So it’s been a few weeks since “The Emergence.” The TL;DR, major cities across the globe have been rearanged, but it turns out dragons, magic, and a whole lot of fantasy goodness are all real. Or rather, “became real.” 682 words. 23314 words total.

  • Sidetrack that gives a peek of Victoria’s downtime. She’s still trying to find a date she gets along with.
[Turbo Trial] Oct. 08: Contrary to popular belief, zombies are not rotting corpses but have super fast healing, after a cure is found, zombification and dezombification is a widely used treatment. 383 words. 23697 words total.

  • After learning about zombie nanos, Turbo can’t resist experimenting with them. He shows off his work to his teammates.
[Obligatory Orientation] Oct. 09: “Welcome aboard doctor.” “Thank you. I tried to research this place before my interview and after I was hired, but I couldn’t find much. What do you do here?” “The Templin Institute investigates different aspects of science, magic, and alternate realitities. Orientation is over here. Good luck.” 505 words. 24202 words total.

  • After getting the go ahead from Riot to make more zombie nanos, Turbo tries to access a better lab than his home setup.
[Royal Suggestion] Oct. 10: You’re the owner of a simple cafe, though your business hours are strange. You only operate during the night, from 9pm-5am. Needless to say, you come across interesting patrons looking for a spot to pull their all-nighters. 879 words. 25081

  • Ruby is in search of roller derby teams to make Halloween interesting.
[Turbo Assistance] Oct. 11: Smash ‘Em Up Sunday: Slightly Off 607 words. 25688 words total.

  • The Halloween event starts and the team splits up to find the faction vendors.
[Real Problem] Oct. 12: You are an amateur archeologist. You like to roam unexplored forests in hopes of discovering the ancient and undiscovered. One day your metal detector goes off and 1 hour into digging your worldview is changed forever. 812 words. 26500 words total.

  • Tama and Vivi earn a few points towards the Magi-knights faction.
[Zero Assistance] Oct. 13: In the most advanced vrmmo in the world, you’re a newbie in a starter area. Wanting to go somewhere far to grind, you approach a cute rabbit. You don’t see the S grade tier, or the horrifying stats. 629 words. 27129 words total.

  • Emily and Valentine make a new friend while questing for the Halloween event.
[Fluttering Revelation] Oct. 14: You study dragons, and you start to recall some of the most fascinating ones. 619 words. 27748 words total.

  • Dara visits Flutter to learn about dragons while most of the other students are out participating in the Halloween event.
[Q.Q] Oct. 15: It’s a normal day at school. You’re just getting ready to go to your next class when you hear a small noise. A voice floats out of the next room, yelling, “GOD DAMN IT KRIS WHERE THE HELL ARE WE NOW?!” 1010 words. 28758 words total.

  • Abby makes new friends. For a moment.
[Royal Assistance] Oct. 16: A poorly equipped adventurer dared to approach the cave of a red dragon famous for its riches. However, instead of trying to steal from it, the young man politely asked if it could share some of its wealth. To his surprise, the dragon said “Sure, go ahead”. 551 words. 29309 words total.

  • Minerva joins Ruby for their weekly brunch and meets her new assistant.
[Runaway Luck] Oct. 17: A teenage runaway seeks shelter in an abandoned costume store. Inside they find a generic superhero/-ine cape and put it on for warmth. Little do they know, that this cape is not an ordinary costume piece… in fact, none of the costumes in that store are! 1310 words. 30619 words total.

  • This story finishes up the six weeks with Janet’s report, which is interrupted. Luckily, we find out who she’s reporting to.

Second Six Weeks:

[Def Doctor] Oct. 18: For unknown reasons, a young girl is born with “reverse deafness”. She’s not deaf, but people within 10 feet of her become deaf until they move farther away from her. A doctor and a paranormal investigator are called on to try and reverse this phenomenon once and for all. 945 words. 31564 words total.

  • Dr. Mundo takes Vivi along on a house call.
[Friendly Fae] Oct. 19: “So I was told you’re half fae? How does that work? Did your father seduce a fae queen or something during a daring adventure or something? Or was it the other way around?” 509 words. 32073 words total.

  • Now that Mason’s at the school, he’s learning about the people around him. He starts with coach Flutter.
[In the Driver’s Seat] Oct. 20: You ride shotgun with this peculiar stagecoach driver for a week now and it’s starting to make sense on why his only requirement for the job is to know how to handle a sword, and not to ask any questions. 1193 words. 33266 words total.

  • Valentine helps Frost farm some Magi-knights reputation.
[Turbo’s Triple] Oct. 21: You have a really big sandwich but you’re too full to eat it so you put it in the fridge for later. 750 words. 34016 words total.

  • Emily picks up the final version of the zombie nanos from Turbo during lunch. He shares part of his sandwich.
[Cat Facts?] Oct. 22: It was a warm and windy day. 964 words. 34980 words total.

  • Janet decides to give Dara some time to herself. While wandering the AlterNet alone, Dara meets Janet.
[Zero Worth] Oct. 23: You were born with the ability to see the cause of people´s future end as floating text above them. No dates, just a simple word of what causes their death in the future. One day you are leaving work, but when you step outside you notice everyone has the same text above them, “You.” 1320 words. 36300 words total.

  • Mystery cat is mysteriously up to Ms. Sharp’s old tricks.
[Sharp Updates] Oct. 24 With a device to view and travel to an infinite number of alternate universes, you travel to the one and only universe with a different value for pi. 633 words. 36933 words total.

  • Melody promotes Jane and offers her the chance to become a Unique Soul. Jane discovers there are more than 54 options.
[Information Hazard] Oct. 25: You’re the leader of the first human colony established on Mars. At least that’s what you set your sights on. You and five other crew members work hard each day to make sure that in 6 years time Mars will be ready for the next human visitors. It’s only day one and you’re already going insane. 983 words. 37916 words total.

  • Lyra and Jane talk about Dara before Jane gets her upgrade.
[Sharp Patch] Oct. 26: The pay isn’t great but the benefits make up for working at a pawn shop that deals exclusively in cursed and enchanted items. 685 words. 38601 words total.

  • Things start getting noticed.
[Sharp Priority] Oct. 27: Your character has been accused of witchcraft and has to defend their innocence or else get burnt at the stake. 904 words. 39505 words total.

  • Dara gets some more questions with her answers.
[Erroneous Identity] Oct. 28: Every day you are given a tally of events. Steps taken, words spoken, people seen, criminals passed… Last night as you review the list you see “World destroyers seen: 1” and now you are trying to retrace your steps and see when it comes up again. 729 words. 40234 words total.

  • Dara was supposed to meet up with Riot yesterday, but she was distracted. They finally catch up today. But, the waitress notices something odd about her.
[Sharp Design] Oct. 29: After centuries in development, scientists finally created a sentient AI capable of answering life’s biggest questions. A scientist came up to it and asked: “Is there a God?” The AI turned towards them, and after a brief pause, replied: “There is now.” 388 words. 40622 words total.

  • A short one that takes place somewhere else; but, it confirms something already known.
[Sharp Origin] Oct. 30: There are two types of people in this world, and I’m not one of them. 892 words.41514 words total.

  • Dara has too many secrets to keep them to herself now. But, there’s only one student she trusts.
[Zero Invite] Oct. 31: You overhear a conversation about a secret Halloween party and the password to get in, then decide to show up. After you arrive, you realize why it was a secret. 936 words. 42450 words total.

  • A Zero stumbles onto Ark’s Halloween party but is rescued. maybe.
[Sun Seeking Fun] Nov. 01: You’ve done it, you’ve pulled off the perfect kidnapping but when your victim wakes up from their drugged state, their first reaction is not the expected fear, nor the understandable confusion, no, the first words out of their mouth are ” oh, dear, I have gotten rusty, haven’t I” 906 words. 43356 words total.

  • After seeing how much fun the students had over Halloween, Chroma is motivated to play in the AlterNet again. She dusts off her character to give it a shot.
[Killer. Spider.] Nov. 02: In order to complete your final exam of Slasher School, you have to kill five people. You come across a group of teenagers partying in the woods and think that this will be the easiest exam you’ve ever taken. You were wrong. 1119 words. 44475 words total.

  • The B-Squad is camping out in the woods for teambuilding. A slasher stumbles across the group and plans to take them out one by one. Abby goes first.
[Sharp Effort] Nov. 03: The Demon had fulfilled your contract, and now it was time for you to pay up. “Bring forth your first born, it is mine!” The demon hissed. You gestured to the grave at your feet, saying, ” He is here. What remains is yours.” 879 words. 45354 words total.

  • While Ms. Sharp is focused on Dara, her employees keep working towards her goals.
[Tama’s… Song?] Nov. 04: “I told you not to come back,” said the Mob Boss as you sat tied to a chair surrounded by his thugs. “Now wes are going to have to choreographically explain in song why it was a bad idea. Hit it boys…” 977 words 46331 words total.

  • Tama’s questing for some Bard gear on her own. But, she got some helpful advice from Dirge.
[Sharp Revision] Nov. 05: It’s been 3 years since the internet went down. You’re roaming around an abandoned city. You take a break, and decide to turn on your trusty smartphone to look at pictures of your past. Except this time, you have cell signal when you turn it on, and one notification… “System Update Available”. 925 words. 47256 words total.

  • Taking place somewhere else. Updates are still rolling out across the multiverse.
[Lunar Memory] Nov. 06: An ancient dragon sleeps in its cave expecting to only be woken by thieves or would be heroes, what it doesn’t expect is a child pleading for help. 765 words. 48021 words total.

  • This is how the Chrome Court realizes something funny is going on with the universe.
[Scared? May be.] Nov. 07: Your boss at the nightclub is a genuinely great guy. He sponsored your college tuition, let you chill in the VIP lounge, and got your dad to sober up with a heart-to-heart. You think you might have had the wrong impression of people with giant bat wings, crimson red skin, and fire breath. 1023 words. 49044 words total.

  • Everyone’s starting to notice that something is different.
[Personal Priority] Nov. 08: You make a deal with the devil in order to save the only person you’ve ever truly loved. 288 words. 49332 words total.

  • Short entry. One of the few times Lucifer makes a straight deal for Ms. Sharp.
[Ruinous Announcement] Nov. 09: In the future, A.I. that have their own thoughts and feelings and emotions have been developed. You’re the priest who’s officiating the first marriage between a human being and an A.I. 762 words. 50094 words total.

  • Andromeda’s getting married. Turbo gets an invite and he asks Emily to tag along.
[Vampiric Precedent] Nov. 10: The President of the United States as been turned into a vampire you are secret service who swore an oath to protect him with your very life so you can’t stake him luckily there are protocols for this type of thing. 357 words. 50451 words total.

  • Short entry. Alvin & Moose interview a new hire to the BAA.
[Widget Wanted] Nov. 11: Demons, elves, orcs, and every other race knows to come to you for any kind of device. Turns out, a Master’s in engineering is quite useful in a world of magic and middle ages’ technology. One day, you meet the first human since you came here. 399 words. 50850 words total.

  • Short. Turbo’s working on a new project and needs some custom parts.
[Earthen Secrets] Nov. 12: You woke up after a long nap and found yourself alone in the classroom. You remember that it’s still the morning, yet the room had dimmed despite the windows don’t have neither curtains nor blinds. You walked up to a nearby window, and there you finally knew why. 793 words. 51643 words total.

  • Mundo falls asleep in class. Then she meets Meredith when she wakes up.
[Turbo Administrator] Nov. 13: You say goodbye to your friends before you log off after playing a VRMMORPG for 5 hours. Taking off your VR headset, you are surprised to find out everyone on Earth is dead except you. You start to wonder who your VR friends really are if humanity is really gone. 954 words. 52597 words total.

  • Turbo gets a chance to show off what he’s been working on, and to show off some secret tech. Who knows where he got it?
[Treasured Pet] Nov. 14: Describe your morning routine with your pet. 742 words. 53339 words total.

  • Vivi has a sleepover at her place. The next morning, Tama helps Vivi look for her pet, until she doesn’t have to. They also chat about the movie club that Tama is in. The club at school watches movies from different universes. Vivi doesn’t have time to join the club but she still wants to enjoy the movies.
[Angry Princess] Nov. 15: The vampire knew it had made a miscalculation when its prey placed it in a head lock, in a feat of supernatural speed the vampire himself could not match. It began to laugh at him. 714 words. 54053 words total.

  • Eva wants to be alone, but she gets bothered by some blood-sucking loser.
[Loved Princess] Nov. 16: We’ve all encountered targeted ads, with ads mentioning people in your city, your interests, etc. Recently, however, they’ve been getting unnervingly specific; your ads now feel like they’re speaking directly to you. 741 words. 54794 words total.

  • Eva comes across a nosy advertising campaign.
[Fresh Message] Nov. 17: A week after becoming president, you are approached by two secret service agents and told to follow. You arrive at a deserted warehouse, and after passing some hidden security measures, a door opens. An elevator. Down. At the bottom, a rusty sign: “Extraterrestrial Containment Program”. 1042 words. 55836 words total.

  • Alvin does busy work for the B.A.A.
[T’s Virus] Nov. 18: A zombie apocalypse happens on Earth, though severe the virus always wears off after a few days despite no antidote existing. Now dare devils, streamers, and adrenaline junkies turn into zombies for the ultimate thrill. 650 words. 56486 words total.

  • Chroma learns about a new zombie virus. After she checks with the goblins, she calls Turbo in to answer some questions.
[Faith. Ruined.] Nov. 19: You are part of an organization that fights Vampires, werewolves, and other abominations that all vie for power in this city of light. Tonight however you come across one of these beings protecting an innocent child from a group of abominations and you choose to help. 965 words. 57136 words total.

  • Ruin’s on the hunt for something special.
[Turbo Friendship] Nov. 20: A kid with a villainous-sounding name tries desperately to change it and avoid his destiny. 1043 words. 58425 words total.

  • Turbo makes a new friend, fast. 58179 words total.
[Unique Resource] Nov. 21: In an instant countless millions of lives were annihilated, cities reduced to ash and cinder, entire nations wiped off the face ofthe planet. All in all everything went as well as it possibly could have. 699 words. 58878 words total.

  • Minerva realizes she needs help for her special day.
[Infectious Personality] Nov. 22: Plot/setting details optional, just write about a character defeating their way through a horde of mooks/henchmen/etc… 598 words. 59476 words total.

  • Outbreak is on a quest.
[Fun In Games] Nov. 23: The heroes finally make it to the final battle. The Dark Lord who has been sealed away for thousands of years is about to be reborn into the world. It gets awkward when a little boy crawls out of the coffin and asks, “Do you know where my mommy is?” 885 words. 60361 words total.

  • Vivi and Tama help Outbreak complete a quest. No one has fun.
[Handy Friend] Nov. 24: Your superpower is the ability to travel in time just by touching an historic building. You travel through time trying to find someone with the superpower to bring you back to your own time. 821 words. 61182 words total.

  • Emily wonders if Supers can control time without being Unique. Tim gives her an answer.
[Inviting Opportunity] Nov. 25: You’ve just graduated from Wizard University. Now What? 840 words. 62022 words total.

  • Dara meets Riot’s Cousin. Then, her mom shows up for Thanksgiving dinner.
[Sunny Introduction] Nov. 26: You’ve finally completed your quest to become the worst-smelling person on Earth. 421 words. 61603 words total.

  • Astra gives Outbreak a ride, then introduces her to Ballisea.
[Stellar Kindness] Nov. 27: A group of astronauts walk close to their base on Mars investigating the activity seen on their radar. Eventually they approach the source of the activity. Although hard to make out in the distance they can see a solitary figure standing next to an unfamiliar flag. 611 words. 62214 words total.

  • Lyra deals with some trespassers.
[Sharp Interference] Nov. 28: The local kook, your friend, has died. In his will he lists you as sole beneficiary of his ramshackle shack at the edge of town. While digging through it, you begin to realize that he wasn’t half as crazy as people thought, that dimensional travel was in fact possible. 805 words. 63019 words total.

  • Ballisea decides it’s time to end things and start again. Instead, she discovers that the most recent update complicated matters for everyone.

Third Six Weeks:

[Adrift on Land] Nov. 29: The life suit’s systems and AI will keep you alive indefinitely – which is great, unless you’re endlessly adrift in space with no hope of rescue – so you need to somehow convince the overly-protective AI to stop saving your life. 926 words. 63945 words total.

  • Edith begins to explore the multiverse.
[Extinction Event] Nov. 30: The AI absorbed the information from millions of mechanical eyes staring out over the scorched, frozen earth, coated in a layer of ash from the third Great War. It had successfully located and destroyed the last human remnants. So what was it’s purpose now? 592 words. 64537 words total.

  • Io learns there are more humans to kill.
[Turbo on the Trail] Dec. 01: When everyone disappeared from the face of the earth, you were prepared. You had even made an excellent survival plan that was going splendidly. What you weren’t prepared for was to find the shelves restocked, and electricity and wifi still working 1 month after the event. 1124 words. 65661 words total.

  • Turbo finds another server that needs a rollback. Then he gets asked for help.
[Solar Buddies] Dec. 02: 12 years into being owner of the best dog you could ever ask for, you wake up one morning, walk downstairs and see him attentively looking out the window in an unusual demeanor for him. Owner; “What’s up buddy, you ok?” Dog: “It’s time.” 863 words. 66524 words total.

  • Buddy tries to call in a favor. Ballisea meets Io.
[Bolt Gonna Bolt] Dec. 03: The United States decides to shut down every branch of the military. $750 billion USD/year gets redistributed to other programs, but there’s no longer an armed defense. 621 words. 67145 words total.

  • Io gets stronger after meeting a Calavera.
[Turbo’s Timing] Dec. 04: You got summoned as a hero, complete with the OP powers. As it turns out, the human king is a jerk. The demon king isn’t any better either. You decide to kidnap both of them and lock them in the same room to talk it out. 845 words. 67990 words total.

  • Turbo gets some help to help Edith separate from Chronos.
[Mysterious Ways] Dec. 05: Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney got married despite the protests of the townspeople. At the end of their wedding dance, Mrs. Sweeney looked over Mr. Sweeney’s shoulder and screamed. Hell ensued. 549 words. 68539 words total.

  • Satan attends a wedding and finds some answers.
[Stellar Upgrade] Dec. 06: One day without warning, you are transported to a parallel universe where everything looks the same… except for the fact that your best friend never existed. 692 words. 69231 words total.

  • Io gets a nice upgrade; some would call it ‘stellar’.
[Hell of a Trade] Dec. 07: At the crossroads at midnight, you can meet the devil. He’ll fulfill any wish… for a price. You figured out that the soul you sell doesn’t have to be your own, you just have to “own” it. 1125 words. 70356 words total.

  • Ms. Sharp’s employee doing his best to make her proud.
[Turbo Surprise] Dec. 08: After a lifetime of wondering, you make a post in ELI5: “Why do the giant creatures that move around in the fog never come out when it’s clear?” All the commenters have no idea what you’re talking about. Except one. 1172 words. 71528 words total.

  • Turbo’s questing for something.
[Slumbering at Work] Dec. 09: “So you’re telling me I’m the chosen one destined to save your island from destruction?” Said the man in awe and excitement. “Yes, I’ve been waiting for you all this time.” Said the native actress in charge of a tourist trap designed specifically for rich tourists with a white knight complex. 1256 words. 72784 words total.

  • Turbo meets & conducts business with Ozone. (This post was locked before I finished. I can’t reply to it, but, I’m going to link it anyway because. The story will be in the comments.)
[Freewheelin’ Sun] Dec. 10: I’ve always been invisible, an outsider, a spectator. I function like any other human, except I’m not physically here. No one can hear, see or smell me. I’m like a gho- “Young Lady! What are you doing roaming the streets this late at night? It’s not safe for you, ya know?” 1227 words. 74011 words total.

  • Rosario meets Helios. He shows his real self for the first time.
[Gloria’s Life] Dec. 11: You work security at an entry gate at the worlds only cemetary. A large landmass where all bodies are interred. Tell me about an unusual encounter with a person/group that comes to mourn one of the dead. 848 words. 74859 words total.

  • Helios gets Rosario started with some quests.
[Spotted Rose] Dec. 12: A terrorist with a device that can detonate all the nuclear bombs in the world is currently hiding in a warehouse but unbeknownst to them a SWAT team is outside about to break in. How does the operation go? 671 words. 75530 words total.

  • Rosario gets used to using her abilities.
[Turbo Quest] Dec. 13: “Help me, noble sir!” cries the squirrel. “I was cursed by a sorceress to this puny form, and I need your help to be saved!” You narrow your eyes in suspicion. You’ve been hoodwinked by such scams before. 1055 words. 76585 words total.

  • Turbo’s on a quest.
[Heart of Ice] Dec. 14: As you are walking to work one day, an elderly man asks you for change. As you hand him money, he gives you a small paper bag and whispers “run”. You turn your head and see 2 black SUVs speeding in your direction. 1073 words. 77658 words total.

  • Valentine’s on a quest.
[Princess. Star.] Dec. 15: You watch a movie which begins with ‘Based On A True Story’, which is followed by the most unrealistic and unbelievable movie you’ve ever seen. You write to the director complaining, but he contacts you back insisting that the movie really is based on truth. 1025 words. 78683 words total.

  • Helios defends his creation.
[Poisoned Soul] Dec. 16: You and your friends are stuck in the woods with crazy serial killer chasing you. However, what this guy didn’t anticipate is that you are secretly a professional mercenary. Time to show this amateur that he picked the wrong target. 841 words. 79524 words total.

  • Abby is bored; but, she learns something useful while trying to entertain herself.
[About Tim] Dec. 17: I can’t tell you much, but all you need to know is that you should be careful around this man, he’s not the kindly old grandfather everybody thinks he is. In a time long gone, Kings and emperors sought his allegiance, and queens and princesses begged for his hand in marriage.” 556 words. 80,080 words total.

  • Turbo’s looking for information on Muertes.
[Pretty Princess] Dec. 18: It was a dark and stormy night. 693 words. 80773 words total.

  • Eva realizes she can’t avoid the AlterNet forever.
[Guarded Princess] Dec. 19: Write a short story that contains these three words or elements as part of the main plot: midnight, forest, empire. 1046 words. 81819 words. total.

  • Phillip finds a princess in the mist.
[Christmas Treat] Dec. 20: It’s December 27, Santa did not come this year. You are part of the explorer team sent to the North pole to find out what happened to Santa. What you find out was horrible. 1209 words. 83028 words total.

  • Abby Spider is indulging with some holiday snacks.
[Moon Shot] Dec. 21: You have been told by your boss to fetch a file from the basement. But the file is nowhere to be found. In fact, the cabinet where the file should have been stored seems to be missing entirely. What you do find, however, will change your life forever. 675 words. 83703 words total.

  • Io is on the hunt.
[Riotous Rescue] Dec. 22: Following the mysterious murder of your girlfriend and your parents, you are wrongfully convicted. On the way to prison the convoy is hijacked by vigilantes who set you free and give you orders to run. It’s been 4 years since then and you’re still on the run. 1207 words. 84910 words total.

  • Riot is interrupted while questing with Dara.
[Roger’s Gift] Dec. 23: A lonely old man picks up his phone expecting a prank caller. He is greeted by a little girl expecting to talk to Santa Claus. Against his better judgement, he decides to humor her. And the next kid. And the next kid… 1215 words. 86125 words total.

  • Chroma Corp. has a mix-up with their phone lines. This never would’ve happened under Ms. Sharp.
[Sorry Sun] Dec. 24: A strange cloaked man walks into a shop. You look over aisles and you see the man seems to follow you wherever you go. Slowly moving forward. You feel a tap on your shoulder, you turn around and the cloaked man is behind you “Hello -your name-“. 843 words. 86968 words total.

  • Sam’s Sorry.
[Sharp Love] Dec. 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Make any Christmas related story or anything festive and winter holiday related. 730 words. 87698 words total.

  • Dara and her mom have a moment.
[Rotted ARK] Dec. 26: Creepypasta/Crackpasta Prompt: You, wanting to start anew, moves far away and gets a nightshift job at a 24-hour hotel. It turns out that the owner of the hotel is a vampire and the hotel is a haven for supernatural. 757 words. 88455 words total.

  • ARK visits his mom at work and she gives him a meal.
[Skittering Thoughts] Dec. 27: All you need to do to read someone’s mind is to touch them. When a stranger brushes against you on your way to work, you stop dead in your tracks. 777 words. 89232 words total.

  • Abby shares what’s on her mind.
[Restraining Mindset] Dec. 28: In a world full of superheroes you’re looking for a partner in more than just teamwork, and sign up for speed dating. Now you and your current tablemate have a minute and a half each to share your crime-fighting abilities and compatible relationship traits. 475 words. 89707 words total.

  • This is a short one because they only have 90 seconds. Thanks to Victoria, Restraint is open to joining the Toku-high staff.
[Outbreak. Relax.] Dec. 29: Your thoughts usually drift to a variety of topics while in school. You never really paid much attention to who was around you or what you were doing. Another day goes by of your usual listlessness when someone comes up to you and says hi. 615 words. 90,232 words total.

  • Outbreak is still making new friends.
[Wishing Star] Dec. 30: A young boy in the middle ages wishes for a better life one night. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the middle of a modernized magitek fantasy city, surrounded by mythical creatures staring at him in shock. 946 words. 91178 words total.

  • Nax meets Outbreak.
[Parroting the Past] Dec. 31: The demon lord plunged his sword through the heroes chest, he whispers into his ear “Shoulda had a v8”. The hero looks to him and asks “You’re from Earth?” The demon lord’s eyes go wide as he realized he just killed the only connection to his old life. 911 words. 92089 words total.

  • Outbreak and Nax meet Paulie.
[Solar Secret] Jan. 01: A story where the world is ending, but that is not the topic or focus. 304 words. 92393 words total.

  • Ballisea gets some useful information.
[Shaded Sun] Jan. 02: As an immortal it is common to see time pass by. TEchnology advance, nations rise and fall, and friends pass away. After being incarcerated in the 1800’s you just finished serving a 218 year long life sentence. 443 words. 92836 words total.

  • Zoe is released from prison. Again?
[Celebration Invitation] Jan. 03: The sun has began “blinking” on and off at irregular intervals for about a week. Further observations reveal that the blinks are actually morse code. 768 words. 93604 words total.

  • Outbreak and Nax help Esther find meaning in a message.
[Family Flutters] Jan. 04: You’re the best swordsmith in your kingdom. Your blades are the sharpest and toughest, your axes the keenest. A farmer would sell his house to get just one of your tools. Your secret? Your pet baby dragon. But now it’s growing bigger and you have no idea what to do. 868 words. 94472 words total.

  • Flutter and Gloryanna want to start a family.
[Orbiting Sun] Jan. 05: After having the absolute worst day of your life, you take a walk hoping to clear your head. Suddenly, an odd flyer catches your attention; “Tired of your lonely, joyless life? Sign up now and become a sorcerer today! Anyone can learn magic, and so can you!” You call the number and sign up. 763 words. 95235 words total.

  • This story happens around Molly.
[Game. Broken.] Jan. 06: Your stuck in a school during a winter when a zombie outbreak happens. 1067 words. 96302 words total.

  • There’s an Outbreak at Toku-high.
[Plotted Plant] Jan. 07: Walking to your school you notice a strange bush. It wasn’t there before, so you step closer to it. You find yourself inside your house again. Turns out, you glitched the game respawned back to your last save. Oh also, you’re in a video game. 636 words. 96938 words total.

  • Kim and Steph join Molly’s new team.
[Unique Monday] Jan. 08: A young vampire princess sneaks away from home to explore and witnesses other races like humans, high elves, wood elves, dark elves, dwarfs, orcs, werewolves, centaurs, merfolk and dragons for the first time. Her curiosity overwhelms her and she decides to investigate their camp. 818 words. 97756 words total.

  • Ark has a severe case of the Mondays.
[Monday’s at Home] Jan. 09: A bloodied up child knocks on your door in the middle of the night, asking that you let her in. A man stands across the street watching. 830 words. 98586 words total.

  • Monday learns how to make her own place in the world.

Fourth Six Weeks:

[Monday’s Mall] Jan. 10: Whoever pulled the sword from the stone would rule all of Camelot. But over time borders change, and on the day the sword is pulled free all that’s left of Camelot is a run down shopping mall. 566 words. 99152 words total.

  • Monday sets up shop.
[Monday’s Manners] Jan. 11: You are walking along a deserted beach one afternoon, when you see what appears to be an antique bottle floating in the surf just a few feet from shore. Upon collecting and opening the bottle, you remove a large map with a list of names of notorious pirates and the exact locations of their loot. 758 words. 99910 words total.

  • Monday gets a lesson from Outbreak.
[Piper leaves Prison] Jan. 12: You are sent to be killed under claims of witchery, though you are not a witch. The night before you are to be killed a strange person save you… 811 words. 100721 words total.

  • Minerva is still paying it forward.
[Challenging Experience] Jan. 13: On an expedition to find a legendary lost civilization, the team slowly comes to realize that they are all spies sent by various powers to secure ancient technologies and treasures. In fact, there isn’t a single real archaeologist among them. 1135 words. 101856 words total.

  • Turbo finds ways to challenge himself.